Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Nothing interesting, just some not so sane words.

Another blog for January. It's my aim to write more of these beauties, even if no one is interested. It's a perfect distraction from everything!

So I just finished watching one of my favourite films...Monsters Inc. It's ingenious, cute and amusing...and so colourful. It's all the pretty colours that entice me...like Nemo...so pretty! It's not surprising really...but it could be worse...I could be enticed by shiny like a certain type of dairy product.

I relax to kids films. They are so innocent, and they make me uber happy! I watched it to fall asleep, but now I'm just awake and full of joy. So many mood swings today...it's hard to keep up with myself. Just waiting for anger to finish off the day...

I've plenty of coursework to be getting on with, but I'm not feeling a sense of urgency just yet. Kinda worrying...but nothing unusual there. I'll do it eventually...Lazy Berry.

Seeing OKgo on Wednesday :D and then shopping with cheese on Thursday. A nice mini break in London...my last until my birthday...possibly...which is crappy. I'll find an excuse to come down before then I'm sure. I miss London and everyone all the time, but today I felt particularly homesick. Dunno why, but I just did. Home soon though :)

What else am I to ramble on about...

I can't remember. How irritating. Oh well, hope you're not too bored by this...

Peace out goldfish brains xoxo

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Jonathan Ross has left the BBC.

This blog has nothing to do with it's title. I just didn't want anything snow related up there, and this might catch some peoples attention. Anyway...

Snow snow snow. Such a bane, and very boring when you don't have a group of people to fight in it with. I think it will be a tad lame if myself and Tim just threw snowballs at eachother...

Pretty though. Our garden looks much better under snow...hiding all of the rotting wood etc :-)

Anyway, I'm fed up about talking/seeing snow so in other news...my laptop is back! After waiting a few weeks, it's back and working...but I still don't trust it. It's gunna take a while, but we'll pull through. I have to put everything back on it which is more effort than I can be bothered with...so I have MSN and firefox. That's all I need atm!

That's about it. Short little insight to my somewhat boring life that is ruled by technology, and a unrelated title.

Peace out my little fishes xoxo

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

"I think that a hat which has a little cannon that fires and then goes back inside the hat is at least a decade away"

That's a Jack Handey quote in the title for you all to enjoy.

So, 2010 is here. That's Twenty-ten, not Two Thousand and ten. Ok? Glad we've sorted that out. I'm sick of saying Two Thousand and whatever, so it's about time it got a little easier.

Good start to the year. Fab NYE party hosted by the ever lovely Dougal. I've been at work since but still, was grand to start off the new decade surrounded by friends who, by 2020, I might not even know anymore! We'll be old and busy. Sad times.

I'm 21 and I've seen four decades. Go and confuse some people with that one please! We realised this at the party, and I've been enjoying it ever since.

So New years resolutions? The usual shit. Lose weight, revise more, yada yada.

I was looking forward to this decade until I realised...shit...The Olympics. We are most certainly, without a moments doubt, going to balls that one up...

80's - Nu Romantics, huge hair, huge shirts, awful but catchy music.
90's - Girl power, power rangers, boy bands, songs sang by cartoons in the charts.
00's - Chavs, Emos, Reality TV and zlebs.
10's - When the entire world laughed at London.

It's going to be the Millennium dome all over again. Bugger.

So, as to avoid complete and utter embarrassment, here is my ever so cunning plan as to escape media attention.

1. Call Russia, tell them America is going to attack them and their dolls. Especially the dolls.
2. Call China, tell them the Russians are going to attack America. They'll join in.
3. Call America, tell them Iraq has definitely got WMD's hiding underneath each civilian childs pillow, Russia has been peeing in Vodka for years and China uses arsenic when making babies dummies.

Everyone will be so busy killing eachother, the Olympics might just be cancelled!

Failing that, I'll speak to the weather guys to predict that there won't be a chance in hell that it will snow...and it shall snow. And the Olympics would be delayed by so much, they'll cancel the fortnight and send everyone home to have snowdays.

Fun all around really.

I can't seem to write a blog without an overall pessimistic tone. I would apologise for that but it seems fitting.

For now, I bid thee farewell. Peace out Raiders of the lost armpit xoxo

Thursday, 17 December 2009

12 days of Christmas a la 129 sturry road

On the 12th day of Christmas my sex slave gave to me...
12 slags are slagging
11 flies are flying
10 whores are screaming
9 queens are mincing
8 queers are bumming
7 pints a downing
6 guys i’m laying
4 horny birds
3 STI’s
2 chee ball cheep
And 1 fork left in the draw.....!

It's because we are cool. Merry Christmas Everyone!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Noel, Noel...Noel, Noel...

So, it's Christmas soon. Time sure does fly...Week 10/12 at Uni already, where has this term disappeared to?

Today just so happens to be 1st December, which traditionally marks the occasion of Advent (still need to buy my advent calendar...) and of course, to hang decorations. Even though most shops have had their decorations and Christmas stock on display since Early November, the only thing that put me into a festive mood earlier than what was required was the recurrence of Christmas coffees in Starbucks. A very joyous occasion indeed.

I won't lie to you, I'm devoured by consumerism...(see what I did there?), and usually pretty displays entice me to buy goods that are, not only useless, but are rather expensive too. Usually I would have bought all of the mandatory Christmas presents by this time of the year, bar the last minute gifts for those last minute people, but this year, I've managed to find four presents for Cheese (I'm really only just halfway in my budget too...), my sisters pressie, and the materials required to make Marcs present. I'm struggling to buy presents! What has become of me?!

I'm sure once I've finished coursework...(it never stops...), I'll be in a more imaginative mood (though some of the answers I give are pretty imaginative...), and I can complete my quest and retain the title of "Awesome present giver".

I refuse to be modest.

Anyway, back to Christmas. I won't be spending the holidays at home as usual. It's unfortunate but since I'll be working at Marlowe theatre, I'll be happy! I'm really enjoying working there so far, but I've not had to deal with children as yet...so I'm sure it will get rather hectic as the weeks pass. I'm hoping it will work out well in the end...things generally do...

In total I think I'm spending a week out of the month holiday at home. Not so bad, but like I said in my previous blog, I will miss my friends tons. However, free house for a month...anyone who is interested in coming to canterbury are most welcome! I don't blame you if you're not so interested though...

I'm going to end this tonight with a yuletide jokette. Gnight minions of satan xoxo
(or do I mean Santa?!)

What does Father Christmas write on his Christmas cards?

(I do hope you all get it...if not, it's related to the title of the blog!)

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Life's a piece of shit, when you look at it...

So here I am, writing another blog to satisfy my overactive mind.

This year at uni has been really good so far; I'm happy with my grades, happy with where I'm living and the people I'm living with, and I've managed to make a few more trips home. Oh, and I'm organising a christmas party which I'm very excited about :-D

It's good times all around!

Managed to get a job for the first time in Canterbury too which really makes a difference. On one hand, I'll have some extra money and will clear some of my ever increasing debts, but on the other hand, it sucks majorly that I'm not going to be home over Christmas...I'm going to miss cheese and marc times a lot...especially since this Summer we were all rather busy working, and so I saw less of them both. It more than just sucks, it's really shitty. I decided to move away so it's my own fault, but I try my best.

I really miss them and I thought I should say it on here. I keep missing calls and I've been a rubbish friend for the past few months. So I'm apologising too. Sorry guys.

So as much as I'm enjoying my time in canterbury (for once), I'm hating it that much too.

In other news, christmas presents are going well. Marcs has been planned and I've bought a few for cheese. Go me! At least I'm doing something right...I'll get there eventually with everything else.

I started off this blog with a positive note which turned rather negative in the middle, so I'm going to end it nice and rosy with this...

Enjoy :-)

Love, peace, afro grease xoxo

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Back to the future. Part 1. No Marty McFly though.

I tend to begin blogs with "It's been a while, so I thought I'd blog". Quite silly really, but it's true...I tend to leave a large time gap between blogging and then blog everyday for a week. Meh!

So this blog is about the future. It's grim, but it's something that needs to be addressed. I've asked many of my friends what they are going to do after university, and not one of them has an idea whatsoever. I don't expect them to, but it really makes me scared. I still have two years left, assuming all goes according to plan, and after that...I really don't want to go back living with my parents et al. So, what happens next?

A job, anything but being a librarian because, I'll just end up being the keeper of books for all eternity, probably grow a beard and shrink to 2ft 3.

Somewhere to live. Who with? I know who I'd like to live with, but I don't think it would happen somehow.

Then there's love, marriage, babies and of course, death. Hopefully not by ingesting a bookcase just to keep the books safe from the evil ripper-uppers from the South West of London.

I'm thinking the whole future thing is running through everyone’s minds at the moment, causing torment and worry, with the added worry of a ridiculous student loan and the potential of having a useless degree. What a waste of squillions of pounds that would be. Hopefully, Biochemistry will treat me well. Not in the afterlife though. I see exponential graphs and chromatography and the devil himself torturing me with porridge.

Yes, porridge. What of it?

I've never been much of a life planner, I kinda make it up as I go along...like cooking, coursework, exams, general conversation and this blog. This should make me unpredictable but it really doesn't. I'm boring, safe and boring again. Actually, I'm lazy. Though I did clean up today...even if I was trying to escape from doing some work. See, I combat laziness by being pro-active about cleaning...wooo...I'm a daredevil!

Though I must say, I used to know exactly what job I wanted when I finished my degree...and now I'm a little confused. I'd quite like to be a science journalist, but I'd probably end up in a squat waiting to pick up job seekers to pay for crack. The drug, not an Irish prostitute. That would be craic.

I would like to go into research, spending my days/nights in a corner with a test tube and a pipette attempting to grow a brain. I'm a natural hermit...and I'm odd, so being a research scientist seems to suit me. I'll be one of those scientists who finds out useless facts that you read in the Metro "dogs bark and cats meow. Two different languages. They cannot communicate with each other". That kinda shit.

In a few years time (most likely when I update this blog again), I'll inform you of what I'm up to. You won't care of course, you might not even know me anymore. Or want to. There are only so many insults I can deliver, and so many people can take before they decide to hold a grudge. For some, it takes longer than others. You guys are my closest friends of course.

Well, back to bed. If I dream of my future again I might have to stay awake forever. The dreams haunt me. *shudders*

Gnight jitterbugs (you put the boom boom into my heart...) xoxo